Applications for Soy Fiber

Characters of Soy Dietary Fiber:

-High water binding ability as 1:8 at least;

-Stable characteristics;

-Ability of keeping (supporting) effects of emulsifier;

-Insolubility in water and oil;

-To form gel together with soy protein.


Advantages to Use Soy Dietary Fiber

Thanks to the high water-binding ability, it increases the yield of meat production greatly, for the purpose to reduce the production cost. And the thermal stability of edible fiber under high temperature sterilization also makes it used widely in the production of many kinds of canned food. Besides this, it cleans gall bladder, prevents forming stones and helps to reduce the cholesterol in human blood.


Soy Dietary Fiber is recommended in the following kinds of products:

-Cooked Sausages, Cooked Hams; Half-smoked, boiled-smoked sausages;

-Minced meat;

-Chopped semi-prepared meat;

-Canned food, like Luncheon Meat, Canned Tuna;

-Tomato Mix, Tomato Paste, Tomato Sauce, and other Sauces recommended.

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