Applications for Soya Lecithin

Soy Lecithin is recommended for use in a variety of food applications, including:


• Promotes even blending of all ingredients;

• Prevents sticking;

Baked Goods

• Ensures even mixing;
• Facilitates moisture retention;
• Acts as an egg yolk sparing agent;
• Improves crumb texture in cakes;

Reduced-Fat Baked Goods

• Improves moisture retention;
• Increases shortening effect;
• Decreases stickiness of doughs;

Dairy Products

• Enhances structure and firmness of whipped products;
• Improves dispersibility in coffee whiteners;

Snack Foods

• Facilitates even distribution of ingredients;
• Improves texture and mouth feel;

Canned Foods

• Reduces fat cap during retort process;
• Helps bind fat and keep it in suspension;

Instant Foods

• Improves dispersal of high-fat powders;
• Enhances hydration of high-protein ingredients.