Quality Control
  • Inspection from the External:
    Inspection from the External:

    Quality management systems of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP.

    NON-GMO certified under IP system, only our domestic NON GMO soy bean is used.

    Halal and Kosher certified.

    CIQ's official coercive inspection to each lot of goods, including the raw material records and production records, the hygiene status, and the test for melamine-free, etc.

  • Control from the Internal:
    Control from the Internal:

    Raw Material Control: Only high quality Non-Gmo soybean and soya flake are accepted for processing. Each raw material is certified with test report.

    Production Control: The production is under the food safety system, with strict control at the CCPs.

    Lab Analysis: We have the national level of Soybean Deep Processing Key LaboratoryEach lot of our products has to pass full tests on the chemical and physical factors, microbiological count, functionality analysis, etc. Only qualified products could be released by the QC department.

    Traceability: We have a very strict and efficient tracing system. Each lot of our products could be traced to the raw materials of any processing section.