RiproFiber 70TM

RiproFiber 70TM

An Excellent Soy Fiber for Tomato Mix

Soy Dietary Fiber RiproFiber 70TM is a high function soy fiber produced by our patent technology, for Tomato Mix/ Tomato Paste/ Tomato Sauce/Tomato Ketchup applications, due to its extremely high water binding ability and excellent stability.


RiproFiber 70TM has an extremely high water binding ability above 1:10 with a high viscosity. It is widely used by Tomato Sauce plants in the world market and it gives the most cost-effective solution for Tomato Mix production.


Qingdao Foodrich Soya-Tech Co., Ltd supplies high viscosity Soy Fiber for Tomato Mix, Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste applications. Our soy fiber provides an extremely high water absorbing ability.

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