Isolated Soy Protein for Meat Analogue

Isolated Soy Protein RIPRO 506E has an excellent emulsifying property and a strong gel. It is used for Meat Analogues and Vegetarian Products. It is a Non-Dusty soy protein isolate, produced from Non-Gmo soybean.


RIPRO 506E is an emulsion type soy protein isolate with a light color. It helps to achieve good emulsifying and water-binding properties to reduce the cooking loss and to improve the structure of the final products.


Qingdao Foodrich Soya-Tech Co., Ltd is a large Manufacturer in China of Soy Protein Isolate 90%, with Strong Gel and High Quality for Meat Applications.

Isolated Soy Protein RIPRO 506E
Protein (on dry base, N×6.25 )≥90.0%
Ash ≤6.0%
Fat ≤1.0%
PH 8.0±0.5
Standard Plate Count≤20000cfu/g
E. ColiNegative 
Salmonella (in 25g)Negative 
Yeast and Mould100cfu/g max
AppearanceSlight yellowish white powder
Flavor & TasteBland
Particle Size 

≥95% passing 100 mesh

Packing: Packed in polylined paper bags with plastic inner, 20kgs net weight per bag.

Storage: In cool and dry conditions but not under direct sunlight, to protect from water and wet, and not to                                     store together with other smelly products.

Shelf Life: Best within 12 months since production date. 

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